Be a Friend of Hope

Will You Become A Friend of Hope for Struggling American Students?

Not too long ago, we packed our backpacks and were on our way to West Virginia. We didn't know that people there were struggling. We thought that only Africa had that kind of poverty. We were wrong.

Here is a picture of classroom, which the school was closed due to lack of funding. This abandoned school was where we slept. 

We didn't wait to take action. Immediately, we helped to restore the school so kids can go back to the school again.

This place is called the Southern Appalachian Labor School. Although we have tried our best to help rebuild the school. We cannot do it ourselves. You can help too!

As you may know, there are a lot of campaigns out there helping poor countries in Africa. But did the Americans forget the poverty inside America?

We believe that giving back to our communities is not only meaningful but also promoting a better future of all of us. Most importantly, education can eradicate poverty and hunger.

It is very sad and troublesome that some American schools are closing down due to lack of funding, and we would like to make a difference.Therefore, we will donate 10% our profits toward American public schools that is in need the most. Whether you buy from us or not, we hope that you are aware of the issue. 

We believe in education in a sense that it will solve poverty and hunger for children and young adults. Your purchases will enable us to give back and donate a portion of our profit to the Southern Appalachian Labor School. You can also donate directly to them here.


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