About Us

About Evan Mila

Story time.

A year ago, we wanted to open a website. 🕸🜸

But, it was so hard to pick a name.

You know, it's like when you are expecting a baby, and you have to think of a name! 🤔

You probably start to consult your wife, your mom, your dad, etc... just to come up with a clever name. 

Same struggle here. We came up with a few names and didn't even like them.

Tt was SO HARD lol .

Then, we came up with an idea 💡

You know what we did?

We Kept It Simple Stupid.

Since this website is like my baby, 

We literally went online, looking for popular baby names.

Our favorite number is 47th, so 47th for a boy and a girl is Evan and Mila respectively.

And Voila!!!

This website was born.


If you need anything, just email us 

Or Text Us, 908-801-6831. We don't accept phone call at the moment.

Evan Mila is a registered trade name of
DBA Bridgewater LLC
8 The Green STE A 
Dover, Delaware, USA.

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