About Us

About Evan Mila

Story time.

A year ago, I wanted to open a website.

But, it was so hard to pick a name.

You know, it's like when you are expecting a baby, and you have to think of a name!

You probably start to consult your wife, your mom, your dad, etc... just to come up with a clever name.

Same here. I came up with a few names and didn't even like them.

Gosh. Why is it SO HARD?? 

Actually, I was just too hard on myself.

You know what I did?

I decided to KISS -- Keep It Simple Stupid.

Since this website is like my baby, 

I literally went online, looking for popular baby names.

My favorite number is 47th, so 47th for a boy and a girl is Evan and Mila respectively.

And Voila!!!

This website was born.


If you need anything, just email us 


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